BASIX Assessments


Efficiency Assessments includes a a full BASIX Assessment when you choose to have us complete the Thermal Comfort Section of BASIX.  As we certify BASIX certificates on a daily basis our clients are assured to achieve the outcomes they desire within the budget that they have available.  Visit House Energy Rating to find out more about our experience and service.


We have special rates for clients who have multiple projects and provide an ongoing workflow.




A BASIX Assessment is required when submitting a Development Application to build a new house or unit in NSW.


BASIX (Building Sustainability Index) is a sustainability tool with three sections.  These include Water, Thermal Comfort and Energy.




The water section is aimed at reducing the impact of new housing on water resources by using fittings and fixtures with lower water use rates and collecting and reusing water.  The installation of rainwater tanks or connection to suburb recycling systems is required through this Section.  


Thermal Comfort


The thermal comfort section of BASIX addresses the building itself.  It looks at building construction materials, orientation, climate and insulation.  This section ensures that windows do not gain or lose too much heat and that walls and ceilings are insulated.  This section is similar to the Star ratings used in other states.  


At Efficiency Assessments we use sophisticated calculation software to ensure that our clients get the best possible results.  Our software simulates the climatic conditions relative to the specific dwelling and the spaces within.  It allows us to achieve a balance between construction materials, shading, glass size & type and insulation so our clients are offered solutions that are both practical and cost effective.




The energy section of BASIX examines active systems within the house.  This includes items such as hot water systems, lighting, heating and cooling systems, fans and clothes drying.  A better result in the thermal comfort section will be transferred as a bonus to this section.