We offer a number of services to our clients in relation to House Energy Rating and Sustainability.


Residential Energy Assessments & Ratings


Compliance & Certification of New Dwellings

All States and Territories in Australia require minimum energy efficiency targets to be met in order to build a new home in Australia.  In most states, excluding NSW, this is set by the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and is a Star rating.  In NSW, this is determined by BASIX.   We offer a full BASIX service incorporating all components including thermal performance, water and energy. Our assessors are qualified to operate in all states holding accreditation where required.  They can simply advise you of your minimum requirements or get involved early in the design phase and help you to reduce your impact on the environment and energy costs by advising you on how to build a house with a rating up top 10 stars!




Existing Dwellings

This service is aimed at existing homeowners who are interested in learning how to improve the energy efficiency and sustainability of their current home.  This may be through an interest in reducing their impact on the environment, the need to achieve better comfort within the home, to save money on power or for a combination of these things. 


We have a number of services of varying complexity and cost.  Please email us to find out more about these services.



Section J Commercial Building Assessments


Commercial buildings must comply with Section J of the Building Code of Australia.  We can provide a Section J Report for any Commercial Building classified as Class 3, 5 to 9 under the Code.


We can assess all parts of this section including:

  • J1- Building Fabric
  • J2- Glazing
  • J3-Building Sealing
  • J5- Air conditioning & Ventilation Systems
  • J6- Artificial Lighting & Power
  • J7- Hot Water Supply & Swimming Pool & Spa Plant
  • J8- Access for Maintenance & Facilities for Monitoring


Our service includes defining the minimum requirements of the Code in relation to your project, determining if your current selections are compliant and working with you to find a cost effective and practical solution to achieve compliance.  






GreenSite is a suite of services to assist homeowners in achieving comfortable, energy efficient and sustainable homes.


We are currently in the process of developing GreenSite and will make an announcement here once we have finalised the details.